Rietveld Trade Application Form

Rietveld Wholesale Application Form.

Details about your business.

Shipping / Delivery Details

Details about the shipping of your orders.

Other Details

I/We declare that the above information is correct.
I/We agree to comply with your trading terms of Rietveld International Ltd namely that all goods shall remain the property of Rietveld International does not authorise resale of Rietveld International ltd products using 'portal' websites, such as ebay or Amazon.
I/We understand the trading terms are 30 days from date of invoice subject to credit approval.
I/We authorise you to gather information about the reliability of our company and understand that you may refuse to open a credit account without giving a reason.
I/We understand that we must trade with Rietveld International Ltd for a period of time before credit terms are granted.
I/We acknowledge that any claim must be made within 72 hours of receiving the goods and that no goods may be returned without our written authorisation.
I/We understand that any overdue accounts will incur a collection fee and expenses.

Full terms and Conditions can be found here.