Californian Surf Art and Clothing by Rick Rietveld.

Rietveld {RÈÈT-VÈLD} - The ability to deal creatively with reality.

You’ve seen Rick Rietveld’s bizarre artwork in magazines and posters for years, American Indians riding sharks, beautiful mermaid creatures, even Albert Einstein on vacation in Hawaii. Since his days as the creative force behind the scenes for the Maui and Sons apparel line in the 1980’s, Rick Rietveld has become an icon in the art world’s surfing subculture. His work has always been imitated but never replicated. His body of work is impressive, the style unmatched and the ideas often not of this world.

Now you can purchase this iconic artwork on our range of t-shirts and hoodies, with some of the highest quality printing available to really bring the artwork to life, as Rick intended. 

We have also introduced an online only exclusive collection of accessories and wall art.

Mugs, both ceramic and enamel, as well as water bottles all featuring Rick's iconic art now make up our ever growing accessories collection.

NEW Rietveld Accessories

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Rietveld Wall Art

Ever wanted to have some classic Rick Rietveld artwork hanging in your home or office? Well now you can as we are proud to launch Rietveld wall art.

10 classic timeless designs available in multiple sizes and on various mediums from direct to wood, canvas and fine art prints.

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Must have Rietveld items..

"Big Foot" Trucker Cap By Rick Rietveld

Protect your head this summer in one of our two new trucker caps. This camo and cream cap features Rick's "Big Foot" design on the front with an embroidered design on the rear.

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"Railroad" Trucker Cap By Rick Rietveld

Protect your head this summer in one of two new trucker caps. This grey and black trucker cap features our classic Rietveld logo on the front panel and embroidered "Double R" crest on the rear.

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The Artist, The Genius..

Rick Rietveld is a Southern California native and best known for his achievements as an artist, innovator, and entrepreneur. Rick has been heavily influenced by the surfing life-style and many of his creations are thematically related to the ocean or contain surfing-related imagery. He also incorporates other influences such as surrealism into his works.

As a surfer, his art has it's roots in Southern California’s surf culture and Rick has designed artwork for Quiksilver’s Eddie Aikau and G-Land surf contest. Rick co-founded the popular surfwear company, MAUI & SONS in 1980 and his artwork launched the success of the companies image and popular appeal.

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